Candle 170gram

Candle Simplicité blend Âme

Âme (Soul) - Calm & Soothing Quiet and peaceful wood, with a gentle fragrance. Relaxing and serene. Peaceful and serene, the scent of wood, Calming and soothing, as it should, A fragrance that eases the mind, Leaving tranquility and peace behind.

đ 200.000

Candle Simplicité blend Floraison

Floraison (Blooming) - Vibrant & Fresh Petals The scent of the newly bloomed flowers in early spring carries a hint of fresh sap and soil. Fresh, pure, and vibrant. The scent of flowers in early spring, Fresh, pure, and lively it brings, With buds just blooming to their prime, A fragrance that transcends all time.

đ 200.000

Candle Simplicité blend Rêve

Rêve (Dream) - Soft & Sunkissed linen Fragrant with warm sunshine and fresh air, leading us into a peaceful, gentle, and lofty dream. The scent of pillows, with sun smell and fresh air, Whisks us away to a dream so fair, Gentle, serene, and weightless we float, Onward, into a world that we will devote.

đ 200.000