5 Claims

“At L'Apogée, we are obsessed with fragrances.”

Fragrance experiences are important

We offer you the possibility to build your own olfactive identity from the ingredients that you love. All the fragrances have been carefully created, selected, and tested in use internally for months to make sure you receive the finest scents

Collaboration with fragrance houses

We are honored to work with several fragrance houses to bring you beautifully crafted fragrances.

& Vegan

All our fragrances are Vegan & Cruelty-free.

Eco-responsible luxury 

It’s time to be aware of our impact on the environment and make consumption choices that respect the ecosystem. That is a new luxury! We try to use a sustainable approach in all the processes, from selecting fragrances, suppliers, ingredients to packaging, so that we can grow while preserving the environment for future generations. One of those approaches is developing our in-house shower gel base so that we can select every single ingredient in the base that respects the environment and fit our philosophy.

Keep only the essentials for a great price

We made choices to stay with simplicity from our business model to our product development. We built an online platform - a direct-to-customer business model to sell a premium, high-quality product at a great price. For our product, we only keep the essential ingredients without compromising with the quality, for example, a good fragrance doesn't need colorants.