Our Story

“Every detail, every experience we bring, to nourish the genesis of L'Apogée.”


We are fragrance lovers with more than 10 years of collecting & experience scents. Our motto for L’Apogée is to bring you luxury products that are combined with perfumery excellence and environmental responsibility. We would love to spread the joy of using a product with your favorite fragrance ingredients. Not only do we have luxury perfume, but also we have premium shower gel, soap, lotion, and candles to offer you.

All of our team members love to change the smell of our daily shower gel frequently to experience different fragrances. Shower, it’s the most intimate and delightful moment, why not make it more special?

Content Advisor

A perfume-catcher is our partner for perfumery contents. She is famous for bringing new & unique aspects, cultural insights, and interesting facts of the olfactory world. We are working closely with her to bring more value to the perfume lover community by not only bringing out the best products but also the most informative content possible. 

Creative &
Development Team

We collaborate with fragrance houses to bring you the most sensorial fragrances. We have tested restlessly, experienced fragrances every day to make sure that you will get the best emotions during use. For Perfume base, the team has tried several sources of alcohol to make sure you could immerse in the fragrance immediately on the first spray. For the Shower gel base, the mission is to develop a base that is good for sensitive skin with only essential cosmetic ingredients. And it was not an easy task to maintain the right viscosity with a non-sulfate base!

Marketing Team

We are a purposeful and agile team that would love to leverage consumer understanding to bring great products to them and satisfy their ever-changing needs. We have "Bánh Mì day" every week devoted to how to make our product even greater. Why Bánh Mì? because Vietnamese have successfully transformed a French Bagette as a base into the most famous Vietnamese dish worldwide Bánh Mì. At L'Apogée, we acknowledge that cultural and local connections are crucial for a business to win consumers' love and trust. 

Design Team

Our design team aimed for a contemporary brand image with a minimalist look yet poetic and elegant.