Ingredients Blacklist

“To preserve the environment for future generations and deliver safer fragrances/ formulas to you, we prefer to take some precautions and ban some common, cheap but harmful ingredients in the cosmetic, perfume industry”

Sulfates (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate)

Widely used in personal care products, cheap & effective surfactant but irritant for sensitive skin. We don't use them in our shower gel base. However, we use them in our soap base since sulfates soap base delivers better fragrance performance than non-sulfates.


Widely use as a heavy metal chelating, cheap & effective but may cause harmful risks to aquatic environment.

Animal origin ingredients

Our fragrances are Vegan and we say No to animal origin ingredients.


An anti bacterial agent that might be harmful to human health.

Propylene glycol

A humectant, presents a risk for the environment.


A foaming and thickening agent, risk of cancer.


Some studies showed concerns with these chemicals for potentially disrupt hormones in the body & increase risk of cancer. For safety precautions, we prefer not to use.