Purchasing & Payment Policy

Purchase method

Currently, we have the following methods for customers to choose:

● Purchase directly at L'Apogée official stores and agencies announced by L'Apogée on the website;

● Order online on the website www.L'Apogée.vn

Payment methods

We offer 3 payment methods for you to choose, including:

● Cash on Delivery (COD). COD payment is available to all provinces.

● Transfer via bank account


- Bank: Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank (MB Bank)

- Account number: 3381186211727

● Pay with domestic cards ATM, Visa / Master / JCB Card via VNPay online payment gateway.

Warranty Policy

What is covered by this Warranty?

● Product warranty on the list from the manufacturer.

● Product technical error by the manufacturer.

● The warranty period on the warranty remains in effect.

● Warranty intact, not patchwork, not scratched or repair, smeared.

● Full warranty information: product code, serial number, manufacturing date, customer name used, address, date of purchase (for product not applicable to electronic warranty).

● Warranty stamp and stamp seals (if any) by the manufacturers on the product intact.

What is not covered by this Warranty?

● The product is not on the list of warranty from the manufacturer or distributor.

● The product does not satisfy one of the conditions of the warranty in Section 1.

● The series model product warranty does not match.

● Customers voluntarily intervened to repair the product.

● Products damaged due to user error, and the error is not covered by the warranty extent of the manufacturer.

In case of warranty, customer care staff of L'Apogée will inform customers all the necessary information before carrying out maintenance procedures.

Estimated warranty period

Warranty period is according to manufacturer's policy

Warranty fee

Warranty fee will be covered by L'Apogée if the product meets the conditions of Section 1.

For products not covered by the warranty as stated in section 2, all the incurred fees will be paid by the customer, including but not limited to shipping, repair, replacement costs, …

Consumers’ rights and obligations

● Control and check orders before processing transactions

● Privacy of personal information, order information as prescribed by law;

● Provide complete and exact personal information, contact information and delivery method when ordering;

● Comply with the policies and provisions of the Website and the law when processing transactions.

L'Apogée’s rights and obligations

● Provide the right products with quality, price and origin;

● Secure customer’s information in accordance with Terms & Conditions Of Use;

● Assure complete and accurate delivery order;

● Resolve promptly customers' inquiries and complaints;