“At l'Apogée, we are obsessed with fragrances.”

Fragrances are the HEART of everything we do. Hence, in the development process, scent creations & selections are our most important tasks and take the longest time.

Olfactive Universe

When we brief the fragrance houses and perfumers, we aim for a broad olfactive spectrum to offer you various fragrance profiles.

Trials & Reworks

Perfumers offered us several trials. We tried all of them, used them at home & work, experienced them -  brought them to our daily lives. Some sparked joy at our first sniff. Some were simply not completed. Some required modifications. Discussions, trials, and reworks are countless. We retained fragrances that are original, can channel positivity, have an emotional connections and strong performance.

Norms & Restrictions

All our fragrances have complied with IFRA, Vegan, Cruelty-free, and Halal.